Hello and welcome to the We Can’t Dunk podcast coming at you live from the legendary Duke Saloon in B-E-A-U-tiful Victoria, British Columbia. Host Chris Aldridge holds the ship steady as basketball historian Ryan Brady and colour-man extraordinaire Lee Henwood attempt to go down any and every beaten path.

Fate brought these contrasting yet harmonic personalities together as a basketball podcast that started as a hobby has become an unrivalled obsession. Tired of so-called “experts” like Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright misinforming our basketball youth, they’ve made it a personal goal to get a following large enough worthy of the national airways to stop the plague before it spreads.

Raw. Authentic. Unapologetic. This trio of beautiful geniuses give their unfiltered take on everything basketball; past, present and future. If you’re tired of the same synopsis in a different suit – this is the place for you.