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Three Basketball Enthusiasts From Victoria, B.C. Who Formed A Friendship Over Hoops Which Has Turned In To A Partnership To Achieve The Dream Of One Day Working In The Field We Love.


Chris Aldridge


The engine that makes this whole thing go. Not only the man providing the venue and equipment, but also the individual responsible for the flawless editing of each and every episode. An industry leader of Victoria’s night life, Chris has turned a small portion of his attention to building the We Can’t Dunk brand. By default, he’s now the most athletic member of the team as Lee has an ruptured Achilles and Ryan let himself go at the ripe age of 19. Notorious for using the excuse of “I got ball tonight” as a reason not to record, it usually ends up being a pick up co-ed game that he got torched for 40 by the cute single mom. Great excuse, pal. Chris is proudly known as the only host to mix his words up more than Steve Harvey.




The truest definition behind our name. Standing at 5’10”, 250 pounds, boasting a career best vertical of two phone books, Ryan is in no immediate danger of breaking a backboard. However, he’s the Pride of the U-12 Royal Oak Dawgs Division B Night League Rec Team and he’ll be thrilled to educate you on the first Japanese-born basketball player and what rules changes were implemented in the 1968 off-season. It’s a stellar nickname but a self-proclaimed one nonetheless: “Your Favourite Podcasters Favourite Podcaster”.



Local Basketball

Lee Henwood is Standing Tall and Tainted. Being the only member of the team to play basketball at a collegiate level, make sure you head on over to YouTube and search “Lee Henwood Highlight Tape” to see a glimpse of his illustrious high school career that earned him that scholarship. Don’t google the university however, we’re not convinced it exists. Have you ever been pissed off that the tallest guy at the Y insists on shooting 3’s? Yeah, he’s that guy. Guaranteed to keep the conversation light-hearted and free flowing, “Money Good” Henwood is the true heartbeat of the podcast. His primary role is seeing how just high he can raise Ryan’s blood pressure. “There’s an argument that LeBron is the greatest ever”. We’re starting to worry about Ryan.